Compare Our GRS-Managed Monitored Services

Get comprehensive support from the leaders in stuffed article compliance. Our team takes renewals and ongoing compliance off your plate. Plus, you can choose whether to pay renewal invoices as you go or in one convenient annual payment.*

*Renewal invoices are in addition to Monitored Service subscription invoices.
License info available to download or print, 24/7
GRS uploads licenses
GRS handles license expirations on your behalf
GRS is your in-house liaison with  agency officials
Agency renewal notices are sent directly to GRS for processing
GRS submits renewal paperwork and payment to agencies
GRS contacts agencies regarding changes, corrections or issues
GRS requests license copies if originals are lost
GRS is responsible for license violations, late fees, and fines or penalties.*
GRS pays agency renewal late fees*
GRS pays fines or penalties for licensing issues*
Law label artwork — 1 free per year ** (Discounted labels available twice per year)
Law label audits — 1 free mini-audit per year
Law Label printing — 10% off two orders

*If the penalty is the fault of GRS, we will cover the costs.

** Per year denotes subscription year, not calendar year.

† All pricing billed annually, based per URN assuming 15 licenses.

Annual price is based on complete compliance with each agency that regulates the product type. Your actual price may be lower.

Prefer managing your renewals on your own?

Self-load licenses
GRS verification of licenses
Automatic reminders of upcoming license expirations
License info available to download or print, 24/7
Renew licenses on your own by working directly with the agencies
Law label artwork — $175 per law label
Law label audits — $135 per law label

Disclaimer: Self-managed services can often lead to lapses in renewals, additional agency fees, and potential fines.

† All pricing billed annually, based per URN assuming 15 licenses