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Enhancing Product Safety and Innovation: Insights from the ICPHSO Conference


The International Consumer Product Health and Safety Organization (ICPHSO) recently convened a pivotal conference at Boston's Wayfair Headquarters. Here are conference highlights and takeaways to keep you informed about the evolving compliance landscape.

The Conference Landscape

Global Registration Services and American Law Label were among the attendees of the ICPHSO conference. The conference provided a platform for enlightening sessions, expert speakers, and valuable resources. 

GRS and ALL’s Vice President, Deven Wisner was also in attendance and participated as a panelist. Deven's practical insights added depth to discussions on enhancing product safety. 

Empowering Consumers for Safer Products

Initial sessions delved into the pivotal role consumers play in ensuring product safety. Esteemed speakers Cleo Manuel Stamatos, Kimberly Amato, Dev Gowda, Jonathan Midgett, Ph.D., and Torine Creppy underscored consumer demand's influence on safer products.

Global Regulatory Updates: Staying Informed

The conference scrutinized global regulatory updates, a topic of immense significance. Len Morrissey, Emily Felisatti, Christopher Nguyen, and Claire Temple shared insights into the evolving regulatory landscape across international borders.

State Regulations and Standards: Local Impact

Molly Lynyak, Jacob Cassady, Owen Caine, and Andrew Hackman formed an insightful panel discussing state regulations and standards. Their discussions highlighted local efforts contributing to a safer product environment.

Harnessing Technology for Safer Products

Two engaging sessions explored technology's role in product safety. Sean O'Hern, Ph.D., PE, CFEI, Nicole Rybarczyk, and Andrew Moffett elucidated retailer best practices for utilizing technology. 

Josep Tous, Michelle Gillice, Coryn Kremers, and Deven Wisner revealed innovative system models advancing product safety through technology.

Connecting and Resource Exploration

Networking breaks and an evening reception offered attendees valuable opportunities to connect and explore safety solutions.

Valuable Resources for Further Learning

The conference extended beyond sessions, offering additional resources. These included the official CPSC website and for incident reporting. 

Organizations like Safe Kids Worldwide, Kids In Danger, and Parents Against Tip-Overs drove advocacy and awareness.

The Online Sellers Safety Guide addressed businesses in the online marketplace, clarifying product safety responsibilities.

The ICPHSO Conference 2023 at Wayfair Headquarters cut to the chase, prioritizing meaningful discussions and actionable insights. Attendees and presenters collectively advanced the journey toward a safer consumer landscape.

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