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Canadian labeling requirements

A U.S. law label does not allow you to sell that product in Canada. If you are interested in selling a stuffed article in Canada, Global Registration Services can ensure your products are labeled correctly.

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What is listed on a Canadian law label?

Currently there are no provincial label requirements to sell stuffed articles in any Canadian province. However, there are federal labeling requirements that apply to the entire nation of Canada.

Below are the five main elements that make up a Canadian law label.

  1. Exterior fibres — The generic name of each fibre present in an amount of 5% or more must be stated as a percentage of the total fibre mass of the article. Generally, the fibres must be shown in order of predominance. Note that this is for the cover material or the textile used, not the fill material.
  2. Dealer identity — Labels require the name and full postal address of the dealer or manufacturer. For dealers in Canada, an identification number obtained from the Competition Bureau can also be used. This is commonly referred to as a “CA Number”.
  3. Interior fibres — The fibre content of linings, interlinings, paddings or fillings added for warmth as well as laminated or bonded linings and some textile fillings must be disclosed separately from, and following, other sections. For example, a winter jacket consisting of a cotton shell, polyester filling and a structural nylon lining should be disclosed sectionally.
  4. Other information — Canadian law labels can also include information such as care instructions. If the product has any label or marking that indicates it is imported, it must list the country of origin on the law label.
  5. Language — Canadian law labels require information to be listed in both English and French.

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