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When Global Registration Services opened our doors in 2003, we already had decades of experience in the world of compliance. We continue to leverage our expertise and longstanding relationships with state departments to offer unparalleled support for manufacturers, importers and retailers of stuffed articles.

Our mission is simple: to help businesses avoid unnecessary costs, increase efficiency and save time while navigating the complex world of compliance.

1st registration services company in the world

10,000+ companies properly registered, to date

1500+ factory URNs in continuous compliance

30+ years as a proud IABFLO partner

We are proud to provide compliance services to some of the biggest names in retail:

Our Key Team Members

Rocco Bruno, Jr.

Founder and President

With nearly 30 years of experience and knowledge in the law label and compliance arena, close relationships with state officials and a strong team behind him, Rocco established GRS in 2003 to offer premier solutions for the registration industry. Under his leadership, we continually improve outcomes for the success of our clients.

Deven Wisner

Vice President

Deven is passionate about organizational growth, team development and unique business opportunities. By using evidence to inform practice, Deven inspires team collaboration and fosters long-lasting client partnerships. When he’s not at GRS, you’ll find Deven on several community-based boards across Arizona.

Maddie Ufford

Operations Manager

With a background in process improvement, people management, and relationship building, Maddie heads up the day-to-day operations of GRS — ensuring the team is best positioned to support manufacturers, importers, distributors, and leading retailers in achieving their compliance goals. When she is not at the office, Maddie enjoys quality time with her husband and two kids.

Ashley Ayres

Accounting Manager

Meet GRS’ first employee ever! Ashley was hired in 2011, and since then has become an incredibly valuable asset to the business. She is extremely focused on customer service, and her meticulous attention to detail helps her balance multiple tasks at GRS. Outside of work, Ashley and her family love spending time outdoors.

Rachel Luni

Documentation and Communications Coordinator

Companies who enroll in our Monitored Services will benefit from Rachel’s expertise. In addition to processing Monitored Services paperwork, she also puts her detail-oriented skills to work as the author of the GRS and American Law Label newsletters. Rachel enjoys spending her weekends trying new cooking recipes and playing video games with friends.

Laura Seras

Compliance Assistant

Committed in a supporting role in both the Monitored Services and Retail Compliance department, Laura assists clients with all license compliance concerns. Her daily duties include detailed account assistance and customer service. Outside of work, Laura enjoys spending time with family and friends.

Ashley Laybon

Compliance Specialist & Law Label Expert

Hayden Neeley

Documentation Assistant

Hayden is the man behind the scenes for our Monitored Services department. He handles all the day-to-day tasks that ensure our daily workflow runs smoothly and accurately, keeping our clients compliant and fully informed. Hayden unapologetically lives the nerd life and enjoys writing and running Dungeons and Dragons campaigns.

Rick Pritchett

Law Label Expert

With nearly 20 years of experience in the print industry under his belt, Rick is truly the law label expert. He designs, formats and sends law labels to print, ensuring they are fully compliant with state laws. In his spare time, Rick repairs and restores vintage tube radios.

Robert Schroeder

IT Services

Robert is a full-stack web developer specializing in ASP.NET MVC and Blazor development, as well as Microsoft Azure and SQL development. He enjoys classic 80s and 90s cinema, is a bit of a Catan enthusiast (if he does say so himself), and likes to dabble in hobbyist game development.

Jody Yarbrough

Financial Operations & Strategy

While the rest of the GRS team focuses on client collaboration, Jody builds the strategies that keep our business moving forward. Her vast understanding of financial resources, needs and outcomes gives us the ability to grow and remain securely sustainable.

Join Us In Creating A Compliant Marketplace

No matter where your business fits into the world of compliance, GRS is ready to help you avoid violations and stress. We are qualified and prepared to act on your behalf, so your products can remain compliant in the United States.

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