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Sales Reporting in 6 Simple Steps

Sales reporting requires some additional work on your part, but GRS makes it quick and painless to submit the information the regulatory agencies need. 

In this quick illustrated guide, we explore how sales reporting works in six easy steps.
Step 1

Renewal Sales Info Request

If you are enrolled in License Management or Guaranteed Compliance, you will receive an automated email from no-reply@globalrsinc.com when it is time to report your sales information. This email will prompt you to log in to your GRS account and fill out the required information.

Be sure to whitelist no-reply@globalrsinc.com to ensure you receive these notifications.
Step 2

Log in to your GRS Account

As a GRS customer, you will report your sales information directly to GRS so you do not have to work with the individual regulatory agencies.

Log in to your GRS account to get started.
Log In
Step 3

Input Your Reporting Information

Once you have logged in to your GRS account, look for the orange bar that says “(#) License Renewal(s) require information.” Click the Review button to continue.
Step 4

Select an URN

After clicking the Review button, you will see a list of URN tables that are pending information.

Select a URN and you will be directed to the sales data submission page for that URN.
Step 5

Input Your Sales Data

Your sales reporting dashboard will list the government agencies that have pending sales to be reported.

Please make sure that you fill out your sales information for every government agency. If you skip any agencies, your invoice will not be generated.

If there is a problem with the sales you have reported, our Monitored Services team will email you directly to address the situation.
Step 6a

For Guaranteed Compliance Customers

In addition to reporting your sales information for each government agency, Guaranteed Compliance customers must take an extra step to report sales for North Carolina.

Download and Sign the North Carolina Application

North Carolina requires that a representative from the factory must sign the renewal application. Due to this, we cannot invoice your account until we receive a signed North Carolina application.  

Our system will prompt you to download the application from the dashboard. You will still need to email it to our team at LM@globalrsinc.com

Once you have emailed your signed North Carolina application to GRS, please check the completed box on the dashboard. Doing so will prompt our team to link your emailed application to your account and generate an invoice.
Step 6b

For License Management Customers

Because License Management is our pay-as-due service, you will receive sales reporting requests as the sales-requiring agency licenses become due for renewal.

Please pay close attention to the automated requests that come from no-reply@globalrsinc.com. You will need to take action each time an agency requests your sales reporting information.

Repeat Steps 4-6 for Each URN

To get back to your actionable list of licenses that need to be renewed, you can click Renewal Info Requests at the top of your screen or simply head back to the Account Center.

From your Renewal Info Requests table, repeat the following steps for each URN:

  • Select a URN from the list
  • Input your sales data
  • Take any steps needed for Guaranteed Compliance or License Management

Need More Support?

If you have any questions, comments, or concerns about sales reporting, our team is here to help.  

Reach out to our Monitored Services team, either by email (LM@globalrsinc.com) or telephone (+1-312-405-9467 option 2).
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