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URN Tables

A GRS-Exclusive Perk for Compliance

Say goodbye to spreadsheets and hello to the easier way to monitor your compliance status.

URN tables are a simple, automated tool for manufacturers, importers/distributors, and retailers to keep track of the compliance status of each of their products — and they are an exclusive benefit of working with GRS.

Setting Up Your URN Tables

When you sign up for Monitored Services, you will be prompted to add the Uniform Registry Numbers (URNs) for each of your stuffed articles, as well as the type of products in question.

Once you have input your information, GRS will automatically generate the relevant URN tables for your products and licenses.

Compliance at a Glance

Your URN table gives a snapshot of your compliance status for each regulatory agency. You can quickly:

  • Access the license number
  • See expiration dates for each agency
  • View a photo of the license
  • Download the license file
  • View reason for rejection, if applicable
  • Request a temporary expiration date, if applicable

Table Types

Your GRS dashboard will show URN tables for each factory you work with and their associated licenses.

Bedding & Furniture

There are 15 U.S. government agencies that regulate stuffed bedding and furniture, so your bedding and furniture tables will have up to 15 licenses depending on the product type. 

When you sign up for License Management or Guaranteed Compliance, a GRS compliance specialist will contact the agencies that regulate your product. Together, we will ensure your table has all the necessary licenses to be fully compliant.  

Learn more about our Monitored Services, including License Management and Guaranteed Compliance.
Monitored Services

Stuffed Toys

Stuffed toys are regulated in Massachusetts, Ohio and Pennsylvania. Your stuffed toy table will show your license status in each of these states, along with the license status for the importer if the URN is jointly held.

Quilted Clothing

Registering for quilted clothing is a different process from registering for bedding & furniture, stuffed toys or importer licensing. Quilted clothing does not require a URN, and it is only regulated in the state of Utah.

GRS is working to add quilted clothing-specific tables to our system so we can store and manage them more effectively. In the meantime, we have provided clear instructions on how to add your Utah Quilted Clothing Permit (1110-), your Registration Number (RN) and/or your Wool Products Label (WPL) to your GRS account’s URN table.

Learn how to register quilted clothing in Utah in our step-by-step guide.
Read Guide

Importer Licenses

If you hold importer licensing, you may see a blanket importer table, a URN-specific table for non-joint URNs, or both.

Blanket Importer Tables

Blanket licenses are issued by certain regulatory agencies to cover your company as an importer no matter how many factories you work with. You will only have one blanket table per importer company.

URN-Specific Tables

URN-specific licenses are issued by certain regulatory agencies for each factory/URN you work with. It is possible to have multiple URN-specific importer tables in your account.

Complete Visibility for Retailers

If you supply to a GRS-partnered retailer, you must enroll in the Retail Compliance program. Retail Compliance allows retailers to keep tabs on the compliance status of the products on their shelves.

Retail Compliance also allows retailers to make compliance a mandatory part of their testing lab protocols. Testing labs will be able to view your URN tables and fail your products if your licenses are not valid.

Learn more about Retail Compliance and enroll today.
Retail Compliance

View Your Digital Law Labels

In 2023, a number of government agencies began preparing for digital law label requirements. Savvy organizations have future-proofed their compliance by uploading digital law labels to GRS’ public online database, Law Label Lookup™.

If you have uploaded digital law labels to Law Label Lookup™, you will see them on your GRS account.

Learn more about meeting digital law label requirements with Law Label Lookup™.
Law Label Lookup™

Stay Ahead of Late Fees

Avoiding late fees is simple if you pay your GRS invoice as soon as you receive it. Another way to stay informed about upcoming payment dates is to subscribe to the GRS newsletter for monthly reminders.

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