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How to Register Quilted Clothing in Utah


If your organization intends to sell quilted clothing in the state of Utah, there are a few specific steps you’ll need to take. Utah is the only state that regulates quilted clothing, and they require both registration and labeling for quilted clothing products.

Here we will walk through the steps of registration in Utah so you understand your organization’s requirements and how to obtain your Quilted Clothing Permit and Quilted Clothing Label.

What Is Quilted Clothing Under Utah’s Law?

Quilted clothing is defined by Utah’s Bedding, Upholstered Furniture, and Quilted Clothing Inspection Act as a garment or apparel that is filled with synthetic or natural material like wool, feathers or down. The filling material must be sterilized according to procedures set by the state.

Quilted clothing covers both traditional apparel as well as filled gloves, footwear, and headwear. Footwear with filling only in the sole is exempt from these requirements, as are costumes.

In the State’s Own Words

Below is the relevant text in the state’s precise wording:

4-10-102. Definitions.

(9) "Quilted clothing" means a filled garment or apparel, exclusive of trim used for aesthetic effect, or a stiffener, shoulder pad, interfacing, or other material that is made in whole or in part from filling material and sold or offered for sale.

4-10-113. Sterilization of filling material. 

  1. A person shall sterilize all wool, feathers, down, shoddy, hair, or other material before the material is used as filling material in new bedding, upholstered furniture, or quilted clothing.

  1. The department shall, in accordance with Title 63G, Chapter 3, Utah Administrative Rulemaking Act, make rules governing the appropriate method by which a person may sterilize wool, feathers, down, shoddy, hair, or other material for use in filling material, as required by Subsection (1).

Who Is Responsible For Registering Quilted Clothing?

Utah requires registration for the manufacturer as well as the company that lists their RN/company name on the label. This additional company may be the manufacturer, importer, wholesaler, or ultimate retailer.

How Can I Register My Quilted Clothing Products In Utah?

GRS can help you apply for a Quilted Clothing Permit in Utah. The cost for registration is $105.00 (plus GRS processing fees). To start the application process, you will need a GRS account. You can create a GRS account here, or log in here if you already have one.

Start the Registration Process

Once you have created your account, you will find detailed instructions to guide you through the registration process. In short, you will need to add your Registration Number (RN) and/or Wool Products Label (WPL) number to the URN table.

Only the Utah Quilted Clothing permit (1110-) is required on the URN table, you do not need to add the product’s URN. If you use your name in lieu of an assigned number from the Federal Government, please state your name instead.

If you do not yet have a Registration number, you can start the application process with the FTC here.

If you have questions about these requirements, the application form, or whether your product falls under the requirements of this law, please contact GRS at

What is a Wool Products Label (WPL)?

Many years ago, the FTC issued WPL numbers to companies manufacturing wool products subject to the Wool Products Labeling Act. The FTC no longer issues WPL numbers, but many are still in use. They can be used in the same manner as RN numbers.

A Note For Suppliers of Quilted Clothing

Suppliers who produce quilted clothing products for a retailer enrolled in GRS' Retail Compliance program must enroll in both Retail Compliance and one of our three tiers of Monitored Services. A GlobalTrak subscription will allow you to meet the minimum requirements for Monitored Services, though you can have GRS manage ongoing compliance on your behalf through the License Management service.

Quilted Clothing Labeling Requirements

In addition to a Quilted Clothing Permit, quilted clothing products also require a Quilted Clothing Label attached to the physical product itself. This is in addition to any other law labels the product may require.

Quilted Clothing Labels must include:

  • Disclosures — manufacturer or dealer identity, fiber content, and country of origin
  • Care Instructions — Care instructions can be printed on the Quilted Clothing Label or on another label. Since many GRS customers already have care labels for their products, we can simply add care instructions to the Quilted Clothing Label.

GRS can design and print the necessary labels for your quilted clothing products sold in Utah. Learn more about our law label services here.

Between Quilted Clothing Permits and Quilted Clothing Labels, there are several requirements to sell quilted clothing products in the state of Utah. GRS makes it simple to register and comply with all labeling regulations. 

Create your GRS account and start the application process to sell quilted clothing in Utah.

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