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Order an IABFLO compliant law label

Stuffed articles including bedding and furniture require a law label to be legally sold in the United States. That law label must be approved by the International Association of Bedding and Furniture Officials (IABFLO).

Global Registration Services can help you obtain a law label that is fully IABFLO compliant. Our sister company American Law Label, Inc. will design your law label and print it within 72 hours.

Request your law label design

To request your law label design, please submit your information using the contact form below. We will reach out for more information regarding your product that will inform the law label design. The cost for design is $175.00 per law label (the cost of any changes after the file is submitted will be discretionary). 

If you are enrolled in GRS’ License Management or Guaranteed Compliance Services, you can receive 1 free law label design.

Print a Law Label

If you need your law label to be printed, our sister company, American Law Label, Inc. offers as soon as two-day turnaround shipping for your law labels.

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