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What is a URN?

If you are selling stuffed articles of bedding, furniture or toys in the United States, those products are legally required to have a Uniform Registry Number (URN) printed on the law label. 

A URN is a unique ID identifier for the physical factory location that manufactures the final product. The URN traces the product back to the site where it was physically manufactured.

You can learn more about registering for a URN here.

We need to pass testing with a partnered retailer.

Through the Retail Compliance program, many retailers and their vendors work together with Global Registration Services to ensure license compliance. Together we will reduce or eliminate violations for both vendors and retailers.

You can learn more about Retail Compliance here.

I need a copy of my invoice to make payment. Can you send it to me? 

Please log into your GRS account to view, download and pay your invoices. When you mark your invoice for payment, our system will email you necessary information to submit payment via U.S. check, ACH, or wire transfer.

Each account is only allotted one login user. Please share your GRS login credentials with any personnel that need access for invoices and payment.

I’ve made payment on my registration quote. Where is my URN? 

A URN can be issued in 5-10 business days after payment is made on the quote, depending on the product type and state fees paid.

I’ve made payment on my license renewal. Where is my license?

After our team receives payment, our internal processing takes about 3-5 business days to complete the necessary paperwork, assemble required supporting documents, and prepare payment for the state department.

Once we submit the renewal paperwork and payment to the states, it typically takes a minimum of 4-6 weeks for each state to process the renewal and issue a new license. Global Registration Services is unable to expedite this part of the process, as it is dependent on the state departments and their current processing time.

While your renewals are pending in the states’ offices, you are safe to continue shipping and selling your products. You will receive email notifications from GRS as we receive your new licenses and they are uploaded to your account.

My products are only sold online. Do I really need to be registered?

Yes. All stuffed articles that are offered for sale to U.S. customers are required to be licensed if sold in states with stuffed article regulations.

How long do I need to keep my licenses active? 

Licenses need to remain active as long as products bearing the affiliated URN on their law label are being offered for sale. Once all products are sold or are removed from the marketplace, it is then safe to allow those licenses to lapse.

I don’t see my stuffed product listed. Does that mean I don’t need to register or attach a law label?

Our website lists common stuffed articles that require registration, but it does not account for all products that could be regulated. 

If you send our team a picture of your product, we can review it and/or send it to the states for confirmation of regulation to determine if, and in which states, registration is required.

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