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Global Registration Services is a trusted partner for the compliance of stuffed articles. Generally that includes bedding and furniture, but our sister companies handle compliance for a wider range of products. You will enjoy the same professional experience with our sister companies as you do with GRS.

Product labels

Uniform Registry Numbers (URNs) are just one component of compliance. Many varieties of products also require law labels, and state laws widely vary as far as which products require them as well as what information is required on those labels.

Our sister company American Law Label designs and prints labels for products of all varieties. Below are just a few examples of different kinds of labels American Law Label can assist with.


Adhesive labels, sometimes called pressure-sensitive, stickers or peel-n-stick labels, come in all shapes and sizes. They are used for a variety of products, from health and wellness to food items.


If your product is being sold in the state of California, it may require a label to adhere to California Proposition 65. This proposition requires that labels identify whether the product may contain chemicals known to cause cancer, birth defects or other reproductive harm.


A flame retardancy label assures the buyer that a product meets California Flammability laws. It signifies that a sample of the same identical product was tested by an independent 3rd party laboratory and certifies that it passed the California test for fire resistance.


Garment labels or tags are usually printed on durable, waterproof, soap-resistant material. They are sewn into or onto the garment, and might contain a wide variety of information including size, color, washing instructions and more.


Secondhand or sanitized labels notify the buyer that a bedding or furniture product is used and that the product has been sanitized. It is also intended to protect the consumer from buying used or secondhand products being represented as new. You can learn more about law labels by following the link below. We can help design and print a label if your product requires one, or perform a professional review of your existing label.

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Pet food and treats, and animal feed

Compliance in the industry of animal consumables can be just as complex as the world of stuffed articles. Our sister company Pet Food Compliance offers the same level of dedicated service as GRS, so we can simplify licensing and reporting for your animal consumables business.

Pet Food Compliance is a trusted partner for registration, renewal, tonnage reports, retail compliance and other services related to pet food, pet treats and animal feed.

Other areas of compliance

We are always learning and growing. If you are curious about how we can support you in other areas of licensing and reporting, we’d love to learn more. Please visit our contact page and tell us how we can assist.

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