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Register to sell stuffed articles of bedding, furniture and toys in the U.S.

Get compliant in the United States as a manufacturer or importer of stuffed bedding and furniture. Registering will allow you to legally ship and/or sell your products in the U.S.

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The first step to registering is to create an account with Global Registration Services. You can then submit information that will allow you to acquire a URN, design and print a law label, and begin selling your fully compliant stuffed articles.

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What is a URN?

If you are selling stuffed articles of bedding, furniture or toys in the United States, those products are legally required to have a Uniform Registry Number (URN) printed on the law label.

A URN is a unique ID identifier for the physical factory location that manufactures the final product. The URN traces the product back to the site where it was physically manufactured.

To obtain a URN, the factory — or another party acting on its behalf, such as an importer — must first apply for a bedding/furniture license in one of the 14 U.S. states that regulate stuffed articles. Once registered in a single state, your new URN will need to be registered in all other states in order to be recognized.

Each factory / manufacturing site needs to register for its own URN.
If a product is stuffed or filled, it needs a URN on its law label.
The Federal Trade Commission’s Registered Identification Number is not a URN.

How long does registration take?

You may be able to get a URN in as little as 5-10 business days. Our registration timeline offers insight into the registration process, what information you will need to provide, and when you can legally begin selling your products.

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How much does registration cost?

Pricing is dependent on the type of registration filing, time of year the initial registration is performed, and the products being manufactured/sold. Our free online quoting system offers exact quotes tailored to your company and products.

Global Registration Services offers several flexible payment options.

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Law label services

Law labels are the tags that read “Do Not Remove Under Penalty of Law” on stuffed products. In addition to registering across the states, a compliant law label is also required to meet state regulatory requirements.

Global Registration Services offers law label services, including full-service, in-house label design and printing through our sister company, American Law Label, Inc. We can even ensure your law label is compliant with Canadian federal labeling requirements.

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Get compliant. Stay compliant.

Registering is just the first step toward staying compliant. Global Registration Services offers three Monitored Services subscriptions to assist with license renewals and avoiding costly violations.

Monitoring the expiration dates of your licenses is the key to staying compliant and avoiding costly violations. Global Registration Services offers Monitored Services to help you stay on top of license renewals, sales reporting and other areas of compliance. With Monitored Services, GRS can become your designated agent for complete compliance services.

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