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Law label audit for stuffed bedding, furniture and toys

Are the current law labels on your products compliant with state laws? If they are not, you’ll find out when an inspector checks them.

Global Registration Services offers law label audits to ensure that your stuffed bedding, furniture and toy products are fully compliant in the United States. Our team will check for errors, make sure your labels are in line with recent tagging law changes, and suggest any updates that you may need to make to remain compliant.

Signs your law label needs an audit

If your label hasn’t undergone a professional review recently, it may not comply with the latest legislation. Here are four signs that your law label would benefit from a GRS law label audit.

You designed your own label.

U.S. tagging laws can be confusing. If your law label was created without full understanding of those laws, your label may not be compliant.

Your manufacturer created your label.

Many manufacturers are not familiar with U.S. tagging laws, and may have made a mistake.

Your law label was based on another company’s label.

Each product is unique, and requires its own unique law label.

Your law label has not been updated recently.

Tagging laws change every year, and outdated labels may no longer be compliant.

Request a Law Label Audit

To request your law label audit, please submit your information using the contact form below. We will reach out for more information including label photos and dimensions. The cost for a law label audit is $135.00 per label. If you are enrolled in GRS’ License Management or Guaranteed Compliance Services, you can receive 1 free law label audit annually.

Max. file size: 50 MB.

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