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How to Register Quilted Clothing in Utah

If your organization intends to sell quilted clothing in the state of Utah, there are a few specific steps you’ll need to take. Utah is the only state that regulates... read more

Ohio Sample Testing 101: Process, Costs and Timeline

If you are in the process of obtaining a license for stuffed articles in the state of Ohio, you must also go through a process called Ohio sample testing. In... read more

CPSC 101 — What is the Consumer Product Safety Commission?

In the world of compliance, there are a number of private and government agencies that work to keep products safe for the consumer. One of the more important ones to... read more

PFAS Bans & Regulations For Stuffed Articles

In the industry of stuffed articles, there are many restrictions and regulations to be aware of. The most recent regulations concern PFAS — a group of chemical compounds that are widely... read more
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