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Increasingly, U.S. states are requiring digital, online law labels for stuffed articles that are sold online — in addition to the physical law label on the product itself. As a leader in compliance for stuffed articles, Global Registration Services built the Law Label Lookup™ database to keep your products compliant with new regulations.

Keep Your Products Compliant

Law Label Lookup™ is a public online database that allows consumers and regulatory agencies to view law labels before purchase.

Law Label Lookup™ makes it simple for retailers to understand their compliance requirements, have suppliers upload their labels and stay compliant with these new regulations.

Made By Experts. Accepted By The States.

Thanks to GRS’ long-standing relationship with the various state departments, Law Label Lookup™ is a state-accepted solution to online law label requirements.

Don’t put your compliance status in limbo — trust the same system that state regulatory agencies trust.

See Your Compliance Status At A Glance

Wrangling hundreds of unique URLs for each of your products can be a real headache, and creates ample opportunity for human error.

Law Label Lookup™ creates one simple, convenient dashboard where you can quickly view the compliance status for all of your labels.

Reclaim Your Working Hours

You have enough on your plate without worrying about tracking down and uploading thousands of law labels.

Law Label Lookup™ empowers your suppliers and manufacturers to upload their own labels, so they’re readily available with no work on your end.

Why Do My Law Labels Have To Be Available Online?

In early 2023, the state of Utah codified legislation that requires digital, online law labels for stuffed articles that are sold online. The state of California is in the process of following suit with similar legislation.

Here at GRS we believe these regulations are just the beginning, and we anticipate other U.S. states to introduce similar legislation in the near future. 

After lengthy conversations with the states over the past year, GRS developed the Law Label Lookup™ database as a solution to help retailers stay compliant with these regulations.

What Law Labels Does My Product Need?

Not sure what type of law label your stuffed article needs? Here’s a handy cheat sheet so you understand your requirements.

  • My product is only available in store —  only physical label required

  • My product is available both in store and online — physical label and digital, online label both required

  • My product is only available online — physical label and digital, online label both required

Constant Compliance Management

Not sure if your labels are compliant? Let the experts at GRS give you peace of mind.

Our team of compliance professionals offers law label audits to ensure all of your labels are compliant with the latest regulations.

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