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Important Update to Utah Online Regulation


UPDATE (2/16/24): Utah's follow up letter is available for download here, which provides additional information about the recent rule change.

We have received notice from Utah regarding an emergency repeal of their online labeling requirement. Based on our understanding of the situation and what has been shared with us, Utah is pausing the requirement to re-write the law. The law was designed to protect online consumers by allowing them access to the law label prior to purchase. The law that went into effect January 1, 2024 did not take into consideration certain difficulties in satisfying the requirement.  Utah intends to have an online requirement in some capacity, and is taking the time now to draft changes to the law to address these difficulties, with the intention of still regulating online sales.

We understand this update might affect your current timelines and business decisions. However, the information we have received regarding the emergency repeal lacks key details on how Utah is going to proceed or a concrete timeline. Right now we recommend seeing how the situation unfolds in the next several weeks before making any business decisions. From our perspective, based on the information we have, this is essentially a continuation of a grace period but without enforcement criteria and a timeline. 

As a prominent member in this industry, we feel it is important to notify you of this development, despite the limited information we currently have. Once the repeal is posted, you will be able to locate it here. Our team will continue to keep you informed of additional updates as they become available. Sign up for our newsletter to receive important communications.

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