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As a leader in compliance, Global Registration Services is proud to offer support for manufacturers, distributors and retailers of stuffed articles. As thanks for attending a compliance-related event, we’d like to extend a free, professional audit of one stuffed article law label (a $135.00 value).

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Why Does My Law Label Need An Audit?

Compliance laws in the U.S. change every year. If your label hasn’t been checked lately by a professional, it may no longer be compliant. Here are the signs you could benefit from an audit.

You designed the label yourself.

If your law label was created in-house, you may have missed some important steps in the tangled web of tagging laws.

Your label was created by a manufacturer.

U.S. tagging laws can be tough to comprehend, especially if you’re overseas. Many manufacturers make costly mistakes when designing labels.

Your label is based on another product’s label.

Law labels may look alike, but each one is different. Every unique product requires unique information on the label to be compliant.

Your law label hasn’t been updated lately.

Unfortunately, compliance isn’t something you can set and forget. Outdated labels may not comply with recent legislation.

Get Full Support For Compliance

Law labels are just one part of stuffed article compliance. Global Registration Services offers complete compliance support for manufacturers, distributors and retailers.
URNs and Registration
Get registered to sell stuffed articles in the U.S.

Law Label Services
Design, print and audit IABFLO-compliant law labels.

Monitored Services
Stay on top of ongoing compliance with year-round support.

Retail Compliance
Get peace of mind that products on your shelves remain compliant.

Join some of the top names in retail and partner with GRS for ongoing compliance.

Stay Ahead of Fines and Violations

GRS is among the first to hear about upcoming legislation that could affect your business, thanks to our long-standing relationships with various state departments. Get important updates in your inbox by subscribing to our newsletter.

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