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Understanding Utah’s Online Sales Requirements: R70-101-13

Available July 15, 2024, Utah has released a copy of their new rule change regulating the online stuffed articles market.  The proposed rules are available for public comment until August 14, 2024. Pending no changes, the rules may go into effect August 21, 2024, with an expected enforcement date starting April 1, 2025.  It is... read more

Stuffed Article Inspection Guide (Part 3) — Law Label Design Violations

Table of Contents Part 1 — What are Inspections? Part 2 — License Violations Part 3 — Law Label Design Violations If you’ve already read Part 1 and Part 2 of our Stuffed Article Inspection Guide, you are on your way to keeping your stuffed articles fully compliant in the United States. But there are... read more
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