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Pennsylvania Stuffed Toy Update — Recycled Materials


If you are a manufacturer or retailer of stuffed toys, there’s good news on the horizon. Three senators from the state of Pennsylvania intend to introduce legislation to amend the Stuffed Toy Manufacturing Act to account for the use of recycled materials.

Here’s what the Stuffed Toy Manufacturing Act is and what this new legislation means for manufacturers and retailers of stuffed toys

What is the Stuffed Toy Manufacturing Act?

Pennsylvania’s Stuffed Toy Manufacturing Act was passed on July 25, 1961. It put forth rules and regulations relating to stuffed toys sold in the state, including filling materials and sterilization procedures among others.

The Act placed the responsibility of compliance upon manufacturers, retailers and distributors of stuffed toys, and set penalties for those who fail to comply.

Why Is The Act Being Updated?

When the original Stuffed Toy Manufacturing Act was passed in 1961, recycled materials were not yet widely used as filling in stuffed toys. 

A memo from the three senators responsible for the new legislation explains, “As manufacturing processes have evolved and consumer preferences have changed, the use of recycled materials in stuffed toys has become more prevalent.”

The memo continues, “Using recycled materials in products is safe for consumers. Recycled material that is currently used in stuffed toys goes through the same extensive testing and safety review, and meets all current industry standards, as new material.”

Since recycled materials have been deemed safe for consumers, many states and countries have modernized their laws allowing it as a filling material. This update is an attempt to bring Pennsylvania in line with all other global stuffed toy requirements.

What Does This Legislation Mean For Manufacturers And Retailers Of Stuffed Toys?

In theory, this update to the Stuffed Toy Manufacturing Act should mean fewer compliance headaches for manufacturers and retailers of stuffed toys.

If you’re like many organizations, you’ve set sustainability goals for the product you manufacture or sell. Recycled materials are often the key to attaining those goals, as well as connecting with environmentally conscious consumers.

Pennsylvania’s updated Act will empower manufacturers and retailers to make and sell stuffed toys in the state that are filled with recycled materials, like they do throughout the rest of the United States and abroad.

Stay On The Cutting Edge Of Compliance

While there are no actions needed to comply with Pennsylvania’s updated Stuffed Toy Manufacturing Act, it’s a clear sign that it pays to stay informed about upcoming compliance legislation across the U.S.

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