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ASTRA 2023 Toy Show Recap


The GRS team recently attended the 2023 ASTRA toy show in Columbus, Ohio from June 11-14, and we have a quick recap of our experience at the show!

Hundreds of toy manufacturers, importers, and distributors attended ASTRA 2023 to connect and show off their new (and tried and true) products. GRS attended to visit existing clients and partners, as well as to identify opportunities to streamline stuffed toy compliance for new clients. 

For Global Registration Services and American Law Label, events like ASTRA present an opportunity to start the conversation about compliance earlier rather than later. More specifically, we prepare our clients for the requirements they’ll face after they receive their first and repeat deals — ensuring that something like a missing license or incorrectly formatted label don’t hold up a deal. 

There are still a handful of important compliance events during the second half of 2023. Here’s where you’ll find GRS as a sponsor or attendee.

There is one important stuffed toy compliance change on the horizon that all toy manufacturers should be aware of. Read more about Pennsylvania’s update to their Stuffed Toy Manufacturing Act, and how you can stay compliant with help from GRS.

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