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Ohio Sample Testing 101: Process, Costs and Timeline


If you are in the process of obtaining a license for stuffed articles in the state of Ohio, you must also go through a process called Ohio sample testing. In this article we’ll explore the Ohio sample testing process, the cost of testing and how it all works when you partner with Global Registration Services.

What Is Ohio Sample Testing?

The state of Ohio requires at least one product per URN to be lab tested to verify that filling material percentages match their law label. 

The percentages of a product’s test report must fall within a 3% tolerance of what is indicated on the law label. 

Ohio Sample Testing With GRS

Global Registration Services facilitates testing through our partnership with a state-approved third-party lab, IDFL

IDFL has two locations to facilitate sample testing: Salt Lake City, UT and Hangzhou, China, which allows for lower shipping costs for our overseas customers. 

Testing with IDFL is significantly cheaper and quicker than testing with the Ohio state laboratory. This process can be completed in as little as 2-3 weeks depending on your company’s level of involvement. 

Ohio Sample Testing for Bedding and Furniture

If you are partnering with GRS for Ohio sample testing, the process differs depending on your product type.

If you have a furniture or bedding product, you will send samples directly to IDFL. GRS will send you a submittal form that you must send to IDFL along with your sample. You must notify GRS when you submit your sample to IDFL so we can coordinate with IDFL’s team.

IDFL will test your product in about 8-10 business days, and GRS will submit their analysis along with your Ohio application, payment and law label for final approval. Once approved, Ohio will issue your license and registration is complete.

Ohio Sample Testing for Stuffed Toys

The Ohio sample testing process differs if your product is a stuffed toy. Unlike with bedding and furniture products, you will send your toy sample directly to GRS.

Ohio requires four (4) samples for each toy. Once we receive your four toy samples, GRS will handle the entire sample submission during the new registration process.

GRS typically receives IDFL’s sample test analysis within 8-10 business days. We send all the necessary paperwork along with payment, after which point you will receive your Ohio license.

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Ohio Sample Testing Costs

GRS’ third-party lab partner IDFL makes it simple to understand the costs associated with Ohio sample testing. Here is a quick breakdown of IDFL’s pricing for stuffed articles, which depends on the filling materials used:

  • Single, synthetic filling material — $120
  • Additional fibers — $50 per additional fiber
  • Animal fill products — pricing determined on a case-by-case basis

If you are partnering with GRS for Ohio sample testing, we charge a $125 testing fee that gets you access to our Labeling Team’s expertise. The Labeling Team will complete a submittal form for your product, provide detailed submission instructions, collect and remit lab fees to IDFL, elicit law label updates as necessary, and submit your documents to Ohio for final review. 

Please note that IDFL’s testing fees are billed separately based on the product/filling type being tested.

Ohio Sample Testing FAQs

Ohio sample testing can be confusing. Here are the answers to some commonly asked questions regarding Ohio sample testing.

How many samples must be submitted for testing?

Ohio sample testing requires 1 sample per URN.

How often must Ohio sample testing be completed?

Ohio sample testing must be completed only once, prior to the Ohio license being issued.

What happens if I do not complete Ohio sample testing?

If you do not complete Ohio sample testing, the state will not issue you a license to sell stuffed articles in Ohio.

Who does GRS partner with for sample testing?

GRS partners with IDFL for Ohio sample testing. IDFL is a state-approved third-party lab that has testing facilities in the United States and China.

Can I proceed with Ohio sample testing on my own?

Any company can complete Ohio sample testing on their own. However, if you are going through the new registration process with GRS, the cost of Ohio sample testing is included in your registration fees. 

If you are an established License Management or Guaranteed Compliance customer, we highly suggest completing Ohio sample testing through GRS to streamline the process on your behalf.

What happens if I submit a sample to IDFL without a completed form?

Submitting a sample to IDFL without a completed form can create delays in receiving the analysis report, thus delaying the Ohio licensing process.

How many states require sample testing?

Ohio is the only U.S. state that requires sample testing. We also send toy samples to Pennsylvania to check if they regulate your product, but Pennsylvania does not perform testing like Ohio does.

Why does GRS require four samples for stuffed toys?

GRS requires four samples during stuffed toy registration in case a sample gets lost in the mail. This cuts down on back-and-forth so your registration process goes smoother and quicker.

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