Quick question: can consumers view your stuffed article’s law label online?

If you answered “No,” we’ve got good news and bad news.

The bad news is that if your stuffed product is available for purchase online, you’ll soon need a digital, online law label in addition to the physical law label on the product itself.

The good news is that Global Registration Services (GRS) has built a public-facing online database for law labels called Law Label Lookup.

Law Label Lookup makes it super simple for retailers to understand their compliance requirements, get compliant with these new regulations and stay compliant:

  • Easy, state-accepted solution
  • All of your licenses and labels in one convenient place
  • Just one URL for all of your products rather than hundreds
  • Suppliers upload licenses, taking work off your plate
  • Simple dashboard to view label and license statuses
  • Constant compliance management from the pros at GRS

Get ahead of these state regulations and keep your company on the cutting edge of compliance with Law Label Lookup.

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GRS is proud to extend one free professional law label audit for attendees of the AHFA conference . Just tap the button below to upload the law label of your choosing and claim your free audit.

If you need support designing and printing a new IABFLO-compliant law label or auditing more existing labels, just reach out to GRS and we would be happy to help.
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We are proud to provide compliance services to some of the biggest names in retail.

With decades of experience and longstanding relationships with state departments, GRS helps businesses avoid unnecessary costs, increase efficiency and save time while navigating the complex world of compliance.
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